Ancylecha fenestrata


Ancylecha fenestrata
Image: Jan Scherberich
Valeria Fattoruso Valeria Fattoruso Image: Valeria Fattoruso

2nd september, 2021

Today we welcomed a new guest student from Italy - Valeria Fattoruso. She is doing her PhD in the lab of Sebastian Oberst (Sydney) and will staying with us for three months to learn different biomechanical techniques. 

July, 2021

Dr. Schöneich secured a DFG-grant to investigate 'neurobiology and evolution of cricket communication'.
We are looking for a highly motivated candidate to fill a vacant PhD position for our DFG sponsored research project.:
"Intraspecific communication for mate finding in insects: Neural modifications underlying its evolution in eneopterine crickets and its susceptibility to neonicotinoid insecticides"
Job advertisement / Vacancy ID: 196/2021 / Closing date: 31.08.2021 [pdf, 166 kb] de

Anna Wegner join the lab for her Bachelor thesis about cricket song production.

Patrik Hille join the lab for his final thesis. He will develop a protocol for the use of backyard brains devises in teaching.  

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