Goldschrecke - side view

Animal Physiology

Goldschrecke - side view
Image: Dr. Stefan Schoeneich

Our research group is interested on how different animals solve the most essential tasks in their live. As a sensory laboratory that focus on hearing, we do research with a rather broad investigative spectrum: i) animal behavior and locomotion, ii) sound production and perception, iii) auditory processing in neuronal networks and iv) pathological dysfunctions. We mainly focus on the auditory system in orthopteran insects and mammals, but we are open minded for other animal groups and other senses.  read more

current research projects:

Acoustic communication in bushcrickets
Neural coding of auditory information
Neurobiological basis of acoustic communication in crickets
Insects in motion
Diversity in mammal hearing, from anatomy to sound perception.
Impact of acoustic overstimulation on the efferent fibres of the hearing system in rodents.

To tackle these questions, we employ a variety of methods, including Laser-Doppler-Vibrometry, extracellular and intracellular neuron recordings, ABR, DPOAE, multiarray recordings, morphological and neuroanatomical techniques as well as sound recordings and high-speed video tracking.

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Ancylecha fenestrata as cover in  the journal the royal society
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