photo of a Nisitrus vittatus male

Marcelo Christian

photo of a Nisitrus vittatus male
Image: Dr. Hans Pohl
Marcelo Christian
Marcelo Christian
Image: Lili Cadavid

Marcelo Christian

Institute for Zoology and Evolutionary Research
Erbertstrasse 1 (Room E009)
07743 Jena

Tel.: +49 3641/ 949 118

Research Interest

In this research project, I investigate the neurobiological basis of intraspecific communication in crickets and how neonicotinoid insecticides may affect their ability to produce and recognize species-specific songs for mate finding. I will combine behavioural and anatomical analysis with electrophysiology in different cricket species to better understand the evolution of communication in crickets. Moreover, I aim to investigate, how sublethal doses of neonicotinoids may impair their communication system, to better understand the effects of this globally extensively used agricultural pest control on nontarget insects.

In my previous projects, I have studied orientation behaviour by landmark learning in desert ants and also the hunting behaviour in subsocial crab spiders and highly specialized ant-hunting cobweb spiders.


Fleischmann, P. N., Christian, M., Müller, V. L., Rössler, W., & Wehner, R. (2016).
Ontogeny of learning walks and the acquisition of landmark information in desert ants,
Cataglyphis fortis. The Journal of Experimental Biology, 219(19): 3137-3145 link