Graphic of a code flying backwards

Steven Abendroth

Technical Assitant
Graphic of a code flying backwards
Image: Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash
Steven Abendroth mit Manni im Wald
Steven Abendroth mit Manni im Wald
Image: Steven Abendroth


Steven Abendroth

Institute for Zoology and Evolutionary Research
Erbertstrasse 1 (room 003)
07743 Jena

Tel.: +49 3641/ 949 133

task area

Programming and Softwaredevelopment

One of my tasks is the programming of various laboratory software in Matlab and Python. I mainly write analysis software for evaluating research data and programs for recording various data formats, but mostly audio data.

IT support

I am the support for almost all PC and technical questions, whether Windows, Linux or sometimes Mac OS. The creation of complete PC systems with assembly is also one of my tasks. I fix minor electrotechnical defects and, if necessary, buy parts if they cannot be repaired.

Web design

In the past I have supervised several web projects and worked with the CMS Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress. The current project is the domain, which will go online by the end of 2021.